Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Adeline Esther Bunn-Petterson

Yesterday at 7:42 pm our family grew by one beautiful baby girl. Adeline was a big girl, 8 lbs 14.6 oz, 22 in long, 14 in circ. We are so excited about this wonderful change in our lives. We plan to head home tonight after we get an ok on Addie's progress. Steen and I are both tired but happy.

We started today with our Special Delivery Complimentary Breakfast, yummy. Tyson and LaVeny came to meet Addie, Steen got us Mazzah, and then it was time for relaxation before they cleared us for home. It has been a wonderful experience. Auntie Fay, the anesthesiologist, and the St. Luke's nurses are the best.


Meet the Bucher's said...

Yay for baby girl!!! Congrats, I'm so happy for you guys and am so happy to see pictures so soon! I'd love to stop by in the next couple weeks and see you guys:-)

Meet the Bucher's said...

Yay for baby girl! I'm so excited for you guys and love the pictures! I'd love to come see you guys in the next couple of weeks! Love ya!!!