Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Jayden is on the move.

She can pull herself up.

It's the whole getting down thing that is scary.

I just love this picture. 

Hi Mommy!

I can crawl, but only backwards.

Look at me go.

Motion is so awesome. What can I get into now?

I am mini woman, hear me mini roar!

Check out this pushup (or bear crawl if I'm being totally honest). Look out GI Jane, GI Jayden is the new female "tough guy".

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Asher's Ice Cream Birthday Party

Tammy hosted an ice cream picnic for Asher's birthday party. It was super fun and one of the few warm days we had at the beginning of summer. 

Pierce was rocking his outfit and nibbling off plates as he prowled around.

Jayden was rocking her shades and sipping on some pear juice.

Anna demolished her ice cream cone. I have never seen a child enjoy ice cream quite that much. 

Anna & Ethan

Melinda was lucky enough to be smeared with Anna's ice cream face. 

Ethan played in the mini pool until he tipped over and dove in face first.

Happy Birthday Asher!

Spencer had a blast building a sand castle. Super fun.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Blessed Event

May 8th Jayden was dedicated at Nampa First. My family and Steen's parents came up to be there in support. It was an awesome time to be together and to continue a faith based tradition. 

The BBJs outside of Applebee's

The Pettersons outside of Applebee's

Pastor Carol asking for the blessing.

Tammy was there to support this milestone in Jayden's life. 

The little blessing herself. 

Our family.

Friday, July 1, 2011

House Sitting in Hidden Springs

We did some house sitting for the Truesdales again this summer. This time we split the time with the Gismondi's which made it a super fun time. 

Pierce & Anna at the beginning of our garage sale adventure.

After a couple hours of shopping.

Jayden had fun rocking her hat at the sale.

Ok, Anna is so darn adorable but she eats more than any toddler I have ever encountered. Seriously, if she sees you eating, she's like a cute little puppy begging for a bite. In this picture she's begging Steen for his burger after finishing her own dinner. 

My little monkey loves sweet potatoes.

Pierce is a sweet little guy that easily charms everyone he meets.

Spencer adores Tuffy. He thinks Jayden's pretty great too.

Jayden pulled herself into a stand. It was so awesome. She also started crawling, al-bight it's backward crawling, while we were house sitting. 

She didn't have a great grip on the rocking horse. Am I a bad mother because I snapped the photo before rushing to her aid? 

Asher and Bandit enjoying Singing Time.

After the Meridian Dairyman's Parade Spencer blew bubbles for Asher and Tammy with his new bubble kit.

He had a blast watching Asher giggle.

Meal time with all those little ones was a hectic experience but the fish tacos were yummy.

The dogs so wanted to come out and chow on the kiddos scraps. Unfortunately they had to wait. When the kiddos are eating it make the temptation to give the dogs their dinner too great.