Saturday, December 31, 2011


For my 31st birthday, Mike and Carrie decided that they wanted to take us out to dinner. Steen helped me decide and we settled on PF Changs.

Jayden was charmed when her daddy kissed her hand.

She then proceeded to give me a birthday kiss, Prince Charming style. 

It was a happy way to celebrate my "advancing" years.

We topped off the meal with a delicious cheesecake.

We also had a shot of chocolate. :)

Spencer loved the treats.

It was a fun night with family, 31 isn't so bad.

Giving Thanks 2011

Dinner #1 @ Grandpa Neal & Grandma Ruth's house.
Nathan and Jayden had fun playing before we headed down the road for dinner.

Nathan introduced her to technology.

Paper is fun!

Spencer played with a cell phone while we waited for food. 

Taylor and Jared both fell to the lure of a post-turkey nap.

Dinner #2 @ Ross & Carla Truesdale's house.
Anna ate first, she was starving. 

The table was set with Carla's beautiful Fiesta Ware. 

Anna and Jayden were both dressed in their cute Thanksgiving outfits.

The kids kept themselves occupied with the many toys. 

Steen and Pierce wrestled and played until the food was ready.

Jayd fell in love with their little wood rocker. 

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without at least one meltdown.

The boys were just chillin' on the couch.

Spencer was our kitchen helper.

The dogs were pathetic as they looked in on the festivities with longing.

Steen helped Asher bond with Bandit.

The feast was awesome.

Chowing little children.

Thanksgiving should be celebrated with the wonderful people that you love, friends and family.

Some post dinner sword play.

After dinner games.

Black Friday lunch stop @ Red Robin.

Yeah, a balloon!

More Mac'n'Cheese please.

Bundled up outside of Target.

2012 was a year to celebrate blessings.

JASNA Jane Austen Tea 2011