Monday, July 2, 2012

Katie & Matt's Happily Ever After, June 23rd McCall Weekend

We had a blast in McCall for Katie's wedding.

Jayden and Spence both snoozed in the car on our way to McCall.

Fly me away Tia Rece!

Racing around with her second cousins at the Johnson's cabin.

Coffee, tea, or a nap?
We took a break to have a tea party in the bedroom before taking a nap, so much fun.



Rece and I enjoyed the beautiful view when we took a ride on the paddle boat.

Fun in the sun.

Cool dude Spencer enjoying a glass of strawberry lemonade at the wedding.

The girls were looking sharp. 

Hmm, do I dare dance today?

The floor looks solid and I do love to groove.

Wow, I'm dancing with giants.

Shake the bum, groove to the music. 

Spencer was a wild and crazy dancing man.

Rece and Jen had were dancing queens.

Auntie Nana swooped in and saved Jayd from stomping giant feet.

Katie and Matt rocked the dance floor. It was a magical wedding.

The lift was more magical than the one on "Dirty Dancing".

One thing about Bunn family weddings... all the cousins love to boogie.

Auntie Nana and Jayden: dancing beauties.

Jayden was enchanted by Penny.

Aunt Mel was wowed by Colton's "ABC" song and dance routine.

Go Colty!

Cole was the life of the party.

On our way home we had to stop at Moxie in down town McCall for a java break.

Jayden was adorable but also a little stinker. She has a voice that carries.

We love McCall!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Adventure Camp with Devon

Spencer was super excited to go on this hiking trip and he said the company was awesome.

Woohoo, I made it to the top... good thing I ditched those rocks. 

Wow, awesome view.


Nature rocks (pun intended).

I can't wait until next time.