Monday, June 29, 2009


I was reading a friend's blog today and was struck by the content. He is a gay man and was discussing the way previous efforts by LGTB Americans have paved the way for the rights he enjoys today. How strange that there is some need in people to elevate themselves by belittling and oppressing others. I have always been interested in women's rights and how it has progressed and how it still needs to progress. The experiences of women long before I was ever born are the foundation for the life I am able to have today. It is both humbling and inspiring. Throughout the world their are men, women, and children that do not enjoy equality because of their religious beliefs, culture, race, sexual orientation, gender, political stance, etc. and we should all be a part of fighting for their equality and fair treatment. I don't want to be the girl that stands back and says, "Oh, how sad for them... that should really be changed." I want to make choices and take actions that will have a more dynamic impact and I want my son to grow up with an awareness of the issues and a passion for change. My goal this summer is to look for small things that I can begin to work on that will have an impact. I would encourage everyone to do the same. When everyone acts, the power for change generated is a remarkable thing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ducky Love

I saw the most tragic example of the mothering instinct this last week. Steen, Spencer, and I were driving to a friend's house when we saw a mini traffic jam up ahead. Upon closer inspection we realized that people had stopped to try to help some ducks in the road. A mother duck and her two adolescent ducklings (not tiny but also not full grown) were crossing the road and someone hit the two ducklings. One of the ducklings was dead, the other was just miserable with a broken back. People were trying to get close enough to move them out of the middle of the road, but the momma was protecting her little ones fiercely. She went back and forth between the ducks, nudging them to try to get them walking, covering them with her wings, and squawking and hissing at anyone who got too close. We didn't stay too long, just long enough for me to feel the tug on my heart strings and start bawling. It was tragic, and yet so beautiful to see that example of a mothers love. It made me more appreciative of the line of ducklings we saw waddling behind their momma when we were driving home.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Meditations of a Zen Morning

I went for a run this morning and it was a very peaceful experience. There was very little traffic, I went on a trail that was secluded with great nature views, and I felt amazingly exhausted when I was done. It amazes me the way we can change our perceptions and outlook on life just by changing our routine and taking care of our total health. I journal, I love tea & coffee, and I enjoy the feeling of a post run sore body. These are small things that, for me, help me to be my best. My dad always used to tell me to "stop and smell the roses." I finally understand the value of that advise. Small things are often the ones that have the biggest impact: smiling at strangers and wishing them a great day, sending or receiving a note from a friend, hugs, small acts of kindness, recycling, etc.. I hope that I am continually growing, becoming a person who has a positive impact on the world, even if only my small slice of it. :) Mornings like today help me keep moving in the right direction, help me believe I can.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A reason to run.

I am excited to be training for an event with an organization that helps so many people. I had a dream last night that I was the parent taking my sick child into the hospital for tests because the treatment wasn't working. It was a horrible nightmare. The patients of cancer, regardless of the "variety", and their families need support from everyone. It doesn't matter if the support comes in the form of prayers, volunteered time, gifts, or money as long as there is some effort to help. Cancer is everyone's problem. My dear friend Anna just had to go through her mom's ordeal with breast cancer, one of Steen's coworkers is a survivor of Leukemia, these people have fought a fight that touches all of us and I am amazed at their courage and hope. I am running in the Nike Women's Fitness Marathon this October and have made a commitment to raise $4000 dollars. It makes me nervous to think of getting that much money, however, it is a worthy cause and I know that peoples' lives will be changed and/or saved by the generosity of others. I still have hope that we are one people and that we care enough to help eachother.