Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a great kid.

Spencer and I were watching a movie about an elephant family on the Hallmark channel last night and I was reminded about what a sweet tender hearted little guy he is. I confess that I was really reading while he watched but we were snuggled on the couch sharing a blanket and pillow, enjoying a relaxing evening. I heard a snuffling that got progressively louder then heard sobbing. To my shock I looked down to see Spencer blubbering. Now anyone who knows me knows that I can blubber at the corniest commercial out there, but I was still shocked to see the same response in my tough daddy's boy son. When I asked him what was wrong he said, "Those evil men just killed his whole family. Does stuff like that really happen, is it real?" The film discussed the negative impact of poaching on the elephant tribes (which are the closest to having a human familial relationship with eachother) and which resulted in a sad film. He wanted to know if there is anything he can do to protect the elephants. "Mommy, this is different than food. They didn't need them or eat them, they just murdered those animals for money. Why did they do that, why are there bad people?"

I cried at that point, feeling the bitter sweet moment of my son's growing wisdom and loss of innocence. It is amazing how much children pick up. Just last week he was talking about how we should move out of the city to live in the country where it is a more wholesome place to raise children. I think that comment was a quote from one of the grandparents but that doesn't change the fact that he is starting to see aspects of life that I thought we could protect him from and he is showing that he is a compassionate sensitive young man that wants to have a positive impact. I am proud of the person he is becoming, yet I wish I could slow down how fast he is growing up.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Target Downer

I went to the Target by the Boise mall today to register for little Jayden and was horribly dissapointed by the tiny, poorly stocked baby section that they had. The one highlight was Spencer's excitement over being the official scanner and his comments that we should go ahead and register for the next baby which Daddy will make sure is a boy. :)

Trish is going to help me with the registry at the Nampa Target on Monday and I am super excited. The girl stuff is just so darn cute. In fact, I couldn't resist a clearance sale at the mall today and bought Jayden her first dress. Woohoo!

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's A Girl!! Jayden Michelle :)

Hey all. Life has been good but busy for us. I'll be posting pictures and detailed stories when I get back home and have my laptop back but to update everyone, we found out on Friday that the expected Bunn-Petterson is a girl. Spencer was pretty funny, insisting that Steen make sure that the next one is a boy.

My parents just headed back to Oregon after spending a wonderful weekend with us and Spence and I are still up here taking care of the Truesdale dogs at Hidden Springs. Steen's new job with the DJC is going well and we are super proud of him.

Check back for pictures this coming weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine and fun on the first day of summer.