Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Proud Moments

Playing table hockey.

An sunday trophy, now that is a great award.

Asher had a ton of fun.

They sang a celebration song, "Clap your hands if you rock in school", and Spencer got to be the star.

Spencer has had a bit of a rough time with school this year. We have struggled with some attitude, diligence, and behavior issues but he has been trying to improve on all of those fronts to prepare himself to be a "good big brother". The effort paid off and I was thrilled to receive an email from his teacher telling me that his work, attitude, behavior, effort, and impact on classmates has made him a delightful part of her classroom over the past few weeks.

Moments like that need to be savored so I put my stack of grading on hold, picked him up from daycare early, and had Tammy and the kids come meet us at Red Robin for a celebration day. It was awesome. :)

Me and My Time Machine

Me and My Time Machine

This is Grant Mangum's MySpace page for his band "All Dressed Up For Nothing". We love them, they are super funny.