Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Deal

Ok moms, check out this deal for a free sample and coupons. :)  


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meridian Dairyman's Parade

We joined Tammy and Asher at the Meridian Dairyman's Parade. It was a scorcher but we had a ton of fun together. The highlight may have been the bunny that bit the dog on the butt and chased it away but that is another story for another post. 

Tammy & Asher

My young man, Spencer.

We had to have a talk about parade etiquette when he plowed his way through a bunch of little girls to get some suckers. Yikes. Chivalry revival is coming soon.

Hehehe. This is fun.

Yes, I gave my baby a sucker to keep her contented at the parade. She loved it. I stand by my decision. :) 

Dance to the music Asher Man.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We were up at Hidden Springs for Father's Day this year. I made Biscuits & Gravy for Steen before we headed out to Nyssa to celebrate with the Petterson crew. Unfortunately we got an undesired present. When we were almost to Nyssa, the Subaru suddenly jerked and stopped. We were literally less than a mile from Steen's childhood home when something fell out of our engine, resulting in the sudden death of our "dependable" family car. Happy Father's Day Steen! We cried a few tears, chatted with insurance and my folks, and then decided to make the most of the day. 

Happy Father's Day!

A purrfect surprise!


Awe, he is such a cutie.

Spence drew Steen an awesome comic in the Father's Day card that he picked out. He was so proud of his hard work. 

Water Babies

There is something magical about hanging out by the pool in the summer time. It seems to take away all of the stresses of being a grown up and makes the magical imagination and joy of youth seem so much closer. Jayden and Spence both had a blast swimming up at Hidden Springs. 

Lovely lady lounging by the pool.

Wow, look at that lean, mean, swimming machine.

Getting warm and cozy after you finish swimming is half the fun.

Walking back to the house after swimming was only fun for the first five minutes. Had I taken another picture a bit later his face would have told a different story. 

This diva loves to swim.