Monday, April 25, 2011

Going Green

Well, I did it. I just placed my order for cloth diapers and will be sewing some flannel wipes this weekend. When we ran out of diapers and I had to go buy a box (ouch!) I decided that cloth diapers were the way to go. Now all I need to do is have a diaper application tutoring session with Mindy once my diapers arrive. The best part is that I splurged on the flush-able liners so that I can avoid that nasty dunking diapers in the toilet business.

Now that I have shared my mundane Monday evening excitement I think I will head to bed. Enjoy your week, 'cause it just started and you have a long way to go yet.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Days Go By

I'm busy and things don't seem to be slowing down so below is a quick look at what our Spring has been filled with. I hope you are all doing well. :) 

Jayden spent the day with me on one of our teacher work days this spring.

Pebbles is such a cute part of our family. 

Jayden's first time eating rice cereal. Woohoo for solid foods. 

Nap Time

Morning fun. The Johnny Jump Up is the best thing to use when Jayden is up before the boys in the morning.

The kiddos striking a pose with Granpa Mike and Grandma Carrie.

Spencer had a blast at Chris' birthday party. The party was at Jump Time in Meridian.

Jayden loves her baths.

Jayden and Autnie Devon

Big girl holds her own spoon. 

Oh no you didn't!

Happy Girl

We love the hat, we love the girl.

Spencer helped me make sugar cookie.
It was a messy event.

Jayden loves and hates this toy. She loves to chew it but becomes enraged when she can't control it. 

My beautiful children.

This was the costume of the week after we watched "Despicable Me".

Trying bananas in the rice cereal.

Not a big hit.

This is Jayden's spot while Spencer and I work on school stuff.

Spencer had an animal project at school that he did awesome with. We made a poster at home for his presentation.

The Annas are so gracious.

We celebrated Tammy's birthday in Hidden Springs. 
BBQ burgers and chocolate cake ala mode.

Our Beth Moore Bible Study crew.

Playing the Pride & Prejudice board game was a fun activity.

At Planet Kid in the ball bin.

We met up with the Cramers and had a lovely afternoon playing, talking and eating pizza.

Me and my girl.

Spence had a blast playing with all the kids there.

Trish and I chatted about baby stuff. She's holding little Mackenna.

The boys played chess and talked about work.

After all of his hard work on reading this year, Spencer got Proficient on his Reading ISAT. 
We went to Starbucks to celebrate with warm drinks and cake pops.

I love my family and I love the life we have together.
Happy Spring!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easy A

Oh my word - "I want my life to be like an 80s movie."

Best movie ever- Easy A

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today when I picked up Spencer from Sunday school, he announced that he had asked if Zeus was Jesus' father. Such a proud moment. He has also discussed the existence of the dinosaurs based off of the scientific theories that are expressed on the discovery channel's documentaries (not creation). I am sure it has been interesting to have different ideas introduced to the third grade Sunday school class.

Friday, April 1, 2011

spaceman1928 you people are nuts,,, your kids can learn as much if not more doing online schooling, The teachers have had a noose around our neck's for far to long with there petty threats of alking out if they dont get more money for sitting on there behinds 8 hours a day. the public school teacher stinks and we all know it inside, I say good bye public teacher's
What the kids did is noble.. but futile in the end,,, money and the need to save it will win in the end

Read more:

I would recommend that you learn to use correct punctuation, capitalization, and appropriate word choice before posting an anti-teacher rant on a public forum. Posting something this does not present a positive image of yourself and makes your opinion of education seem like a defensive outcry against your own shortcomings