Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Election

There is something wonderful and empowering about casting a vote. I have been doing this since I turned 18 and it never loses its thrill. I hope you all share this feeling with me and that, regardless of where you fall on the candidates and issues, you are as proud to be an American citizen as I am. Our differences and the ways we are able to give voice to and act on them are the reason that our nation is so great.

My student's are doing their New Nation Unit and are taking a test on "The Declaration of Independence" this week. I hope that as we work through this piece my students will feel that same sense of awe and pride as I do. We have a say in our government and our voices have power. Silence and apathy have a devastating impact so remember that it is up to the people to ensure that this nation is great. Use your voice wisely, raise it to make a difference not to whine and bemoan the status quo.

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